I am many, we are One

I spent a decade trapped in a mental health system which continually misdiagnosed me with an aggregation of disorders I didn’t have.  Because of this, I was over-medicated and under-supported, forced into unnecessary treatments that harmed more than helped.

Being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) was a life-saver.  It explained everything — every erratic symptom, every bizarre anomaly, every hardship, every mystery, every oddity — like nothing else ever had. This one diagnosis answered for all of it.  For the first time in my life, I could make sense of myself.  It allowed me to take the reins in my own recovery, and, after six years of intensive DID-focused therapy, my life has changed dramatically. 

We want to open a window into our universe.  To explain how we experience ourselves, how we experience the world around us.  To untangle the assumptions and misunderstandings.  To share the things we learned, the steps we took, and how we created a life worth living.

These are our words, this is our story. This is a journey of discovery and peace, of healing and freedom. I am T.W. Motley, we are the Gobstoppers, and we are thriving while multiple.